ISO 9001:2008 (part 1)

Its been a while since I’ve had any free time to post anything to my blog. Most of my free time has been spent learning everything I could about ISO 9001:2008. As the Executive Manager of Quality and Engineering at Electropac Co., Inc. the responsibility to manage our bid for re-certification was mine. We already had a working ISO 9001:2000 system in place. Unfortunately the ISO coordinator responsible for managing our current system had moved on to another job. I had years of experience working with ISO system. However, I never had to coordinate an official recertification initiative. Hence my need for a crash course! To make a long story short, the team and I were able to pass the certification process. Electropac Co., Inc. is now ISO 9001:2008 certified, certificate number US-4174b.

The certification process required a 3 day on-site audit by an accredited auditing group. Three days is not a long time compared to all of the effort the team went through to have us ready for the new standard. Having the ISO Coordinator leave was probably the best test we could have had. It showed us how organized the existing system in place for 8 years really was. Learning about the hidden nooks and crannies of the existing system was a simple matter of reading all of the procedures from top to bottom. This is something you need to do on a yearly basis anyway. Existing documents and forms need to be reviewed for relevancy to the system on a regular basis. When one procedure changes, a clause in a supporting procedure may not apply anymore. The same can apply to forms, reports and logs. The process was simple but it took a long time since our system is complex.

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