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ISO 9001:2008 (part 5)

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

For a manufacturer calibrations are a critical aspect of the ISO system. A calibrated device helps ensure consistency with the product. What needs to be calibrated? A device or tool that is used to qualify the process or product. What standard should be used? Calibrations must meet NIST standards. NIST is short for National Institute of Standards and Technology which is an agency of the US department of commerce. Why do we need to meet NIST standards? The standards are a base line for measuring standards. A device calibrated to the NIST standards is considered consistent with other devices calibrated to the same standard. A micrometer at company A provides the same measured result as the micrometer at company B. Who can certify to NIST standards? NIST provides calibration services. There are also a multitude of laboratories and calibration services certified to NIST standards.

Does everything need to be calibrated? No. Its doesn’t hurt to have everything calibrated. But this would be an extra added expense that adds cost where its not really necessary. For example, (more…)