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The purpose of this blog is to help educate people on the subject of printed circuit boards, aka pcbs.

About the Editor In Chief of pcbdesignschool.com

I am a veteran of the printed circuit board industry. I have hands on experience with all of the manufacturing steps required to build a pcb. This includes front end engineering, CAM and quality control. Over the years I have observed the decline of my industry. Many manufacturing facilities have closed their doors here in the United States and in Europe. The people that worked in these facilities have left the electronics industry all together. The printed circuit boards that were built there are now being made in Asia and India. As a result, much of the knowledge has been lost.

I communicate with designers, OEMs and contract manufacturers on a daily basis. Many experienced and knowledgeable people have either retired or have been laid-off. More and more of the people that remain are either inexperienced or are new hires that have little knowledge with the manufacturing process behind pcbs. These are very intelligent people. However, they do not specialize in the bare board fabrication process. I find that the more a designer knows about the pcb fabrication process the better the designer becomes.

Over the life of this blog I shall be posting content that deals with the manufacturing process behind printed circuit boards. I shall also be posting information regarding the capabilities and limitations of pcbs in general. Please feel free to post questions or respond to posted topics.


David Duross

Web Editor In Chief of PCB Design and Fabrication Institute.

Vice President Concord Media Solutions Incorporated