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The Bare Board Group Incorporated.

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

I joined the Bare Board Group (BBG) in March of 2012 as the Engineering Director of the organization. BBG began operations in 2002 in response to a growing need among smaller OEM and EMS companies for lower volumes of printed circuit boards at lower offshore prices. BBG became a US supplier of printed circuit boards built in the Far East. BBG set out to eliminate the fears and difficulties of offshore manufacturing by becoming an extension of its customers’ purchasing departments, handling all interactions with pre-qualified overseas vendors.

During my time at the company I have come to appreciate the differences that set BBG apart from their counter-parts sourcing boards from other parts of the Globe. The key differences are as follows… (more…)

Envision HDI

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Envision HDI is an alternative copper deposition process that just works. Deposition or metalization is the basic foundation of a plated through hole structure. The deposition material makes a drilled hole conductive enough to allow copper to be electroplated within the drilled hole. Without metalization there would be no plated through hole. Of course there are several different chemicals available to metalize a non-conductive surface.

Electroless copper deposition was the original chemical process employed by the pcb industry to form this conductive layer. There were many downsides to this process. Chemical cost, time of operation and waste treatment to name just a few. Some of the chemicals used in the overall process are highly toxic. The process has been improved over the years.

Copper deposition was the only option for a number of years until (more…)

Vendor Spotlight: A solution to pad cratering.

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Lead-free assembly techniques and practices have pushed the envelope of printed circuit board technology for years. The industry has been forced to change and improve as a result of customer demands and regulatory compliance. Lead-free compliance has been a journey filled with advancement and disaster. The advancement comes in the form of new improved materials and surface finishes. The disaster came in the form of all of the manufacturing non-conformances found along the way and yet to come. Over the past six years the electronics industry has been one giant crucible. Within this crucible we have tested the limits of the process at the bare board and assembly levels.

Prior to lead-free assembly practices there was eutectic solder consisting of tin-lead (Sn63/Pb37). As the saying goes “Nothing solders like solder”. Eutectic solder wicks easily at relatively low temperatures. Solder joints have a unique property where the inter-metallic copper-tin alloy grows over time. There are decades of historical information and observation on the longevity and durability of eutectic solder joints and assembled materials. In a competitive industry where change introduces the potential of non-conformances, eutectic solders are a proven and safe technology.

Enter lead-free assembly. (more…)