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In keeping with the theme of this blog, I’ve included a list of links to points of interest related to printed circuit boards.

Industry standards…

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC/MIL Spec)

Links of interest…

How to be a Circuit Board Designer

How to build it: You are already there.

Where to get your printed circuit board built: Bare Board Group (BBG) is an organisation that is able to provide any type of printed circuit board solution. If its a simple single sided or a complex HDI board, BBG can satisfy your needs. If it can be built, BBG can provide it. To request a quote attach your data to an email and send it to

Printed Circuit Design & Fabrication This site provides up to date information on industry news as well as design and fabrication information.

CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY This link is to a very detailed site that deals with assembly issues and techniques.