Course Dates

PCB Design School

The PCB Design School, now settled in Colchester

In the last year, the School has settled into its new location at the Knowledge Gateway in the University of Essex. It's a delightful modern working and learning environment. The Centre is easily accessible by main line rail link, or by road via the A12 or A14 motorways. The school has adequate parking and the University has numerous cafes and coffee shops. In class, every student has super fast fibre broadband, which is backed up by the University WiFi.

Each student has a dedicated workstation with 2 x 22-inch monitors and a fast, modern slimline laptop with a mouse and keyboard. All students will use the latest Altium Designer plus the latest PCB Libraries Editor software. The courses are presented in class on 2 x 65-inch screens and are presented by dedicated PCB Design experts. The School believes learning PCB Design is best placed here in our classroom FACE TO FACE and we have made this our most cost-effective option for you.

Alternatively, all courses can be delivered Online using RealVNC. However, due to the limitations of PowerPoint, Online courses are delivered using a 1 x presentation screen, but the use of Altium Designer and PCB Libraries Editor software remains unhindered.

A third option is for the School to visit remote locations such as Universities, Business Centres or even your own Company premises. Please enquire for further details and costings with the School's Course coordinator.

Course Name Start Date Duration Cost
Foundation Course 10th June 4 Day £1399 + VAT
Foundation Course 18th June 4 Day £1399 + VAT
Power Design Course 24th June 1 Day £399 + VAT
Advanced Routing Course 25th June 4 Day £1399 + VAT